ATTAG Server Box

Alright, forget about the power bank thing I mentioned a couple of days ago, it is pointless. The smartdisplay got an integrated battery management system for a 3.7V lithium cell. So more room means more capacity. I was looking for some pouch cells and found these, which already have the correct connector:

Wiring of the HC-12 antenna.

The bottom of the box got a tab on each side for the usage of a velcro strap, belt or rubber band to place the server on a pole or a tree.

Make sure to add the button before inserting the smartdisplay.

The holes are made for M3 6mm skrews. You need five 6mm in total and two 16mm.

I fixed the battery with double sided tape, same for the HC-12 module and used some two-component glue for the speaker. I guess this could be done a little bit more elegant but anyway. I hope the bending of the antenna doesn’t cause me too much trouble, otherwise I gotta fix that later on. Just try to not bend it that way to avoid communication trouble.

My printer was set a bit too low on Z, so it messed up the logo and the text, but this is some alpha stuff anyway. As you can see it is already running on battery. Double tapping the button switches the server to off.

So here is what you need:

And of course the STL files for printing:

attag server box STL files

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