ATTAG ESP-NOW handshake working

Just a small update, the handshake by ESP-NOW is working, I haven’t tested the range yet but this is not an issue which stops the PCB from being created, because the WiFi stuff is on the ESP MCU anyway.

I have chosen to overwrite the MAC addresses of the blasters with 0x00 to 0x0F (0-15). This isn’t really required and I already had multiple people complaining about this: “They already have unique addresses.” But in my eyes it makes things easier to handle. Take it or leave it, anybody can change my lousy code once it is released. 😉

I still have some headaches with audio, the ferrit beads don’t change anything except from consuming a lot of space, completely useless because without any effect. Not to mention that it is a real pia to get sound working on the server parallel to the lvgl graphics stuff. It is possible by moving the elements to seperate tasks but it still isn’t really good. The server doesn’t need to play any fancy sounds, just some beeps but that seems to be more difficult than playing a wav. Wav playing works but the DAC output is way lower than pushing a simple tone() to that pin, and the start game / end game signals need to be loud enough to hear them in 100m distance. Of course the blasters could signal too but that might end in a multiple sound chaos due to delays in start command receiption. Anyway, I am on it.

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