ATTAG – new speakers and IR laser

I mentioned it earlier that the formerly used speakers are not anymore available, so I ordered a batch of new ones. They don’t sound much different than the other ones but might if the sampe rate of the sounds would be better. That will be fine tuning it the end. Got them here:


I am also still experimenting with the best solution for the IR signal and got one of these IR laser modules:

Problem is, they are not trustworthy cause the product description says class 2, the specs say class 3A and the label says class 3B. Lasers with 780nm wavelength cannot be class 2 or 2M so it is 3B. Overall I still don’t feel good with the usage of these even if they are not too focused, there are high chances they are quite above 1mW as many revisions with laserpointers have shown. Not to mention that it depends on the environmental temperature. I’ll get a chance to test them somewhere for their power. Besides all you can read about effects of IR lasers on the eye are vague, either ignoring risks or overrating risks. So it is like lottery and that is a stupid idea with eyesight.

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