ATTAG – how to for multiple IR receivers

The IR detection got one problem which needs to be solved, the IR libraries are only able to receive at one pin. Which means technically it would be possible to hardwire multiple reveivers but then there is risk of mixing valid and unvalid signals and it is never possible to detemine where you have been hit.

So I am going to try to get the source done to read from one pin directly connected to the mainboard plus an optional feature to read from other hitpoin pins.

This however requires the receivers to run on their own circuit.

For this you will be able to choose from a large variety of boards that can be programmed with Arduino IDE. Basically the one the right here ATTINY85 (with the chip missing) will most likely do. Others need a programmer, such as the second in the row. So it will be up to you what to choose, I’ll test this with multiple of these little friends, the ESP32 variations will be a total overkill though.

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