ATTAG audio and wifi update

Now I spent like two weeks on the I2S audio stuff and I still can’t get it to work, I know it is sort of functional on the physical basis so it is okay how it is connected to the PCB but I think I’ll just put that aside for a moment because I am just too dumb for the code.

That just stops me from further progress and at least I got some audio working with the DAC path. I’ll just get back to I2S once I am done with the rest. The DAC stuff is far from ideal, especially about the noise and every electronical way to get rid of interference just didn’t turn out what I expected. I am still waiting for some ferrit beads to add, the capacitors mentioned in the PAM specs actually don’t make much difference.

For the WiFi communication it is a comparable situation, the LR mode simply doesn’t work and I don’t wanna wait until someone drops an eye on it at espressif. So I’ll do a step back and try ESP-NOW which should be able to achieve ranges around 200m outdoor and maybe even 50m indoor. I just hope this works better with the current espressif package than LR.

Meanwhile I ported the blaster code to platformio just as the server code. So at the end noone has to switch between Arduino IDE and Platformio. I’ll get more into detail how to use the code, once this is at release level. It will contain heavy inline documentation for almost every line of code, so even nobrainer like me can get it to work. 😉

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