ATTAG – waiting for D32

While I am waiting for the D32 as S3 replacement I already made the PCB for it, but before I get a sample of that I am going to check if it works with the pins I have chosen. This is a hybrid board for either I²S sound or the internal DAC using a PAM8302A amplifier. It doesn’t make a big difference in the price but maybe some of you want to pick what you already got. It also still got the HC-12 433MHz in mind, just in case it comes handy in the future again. Currently there is no fix for the WiFi LR mode available but maybe I have better luck with the D32 on this too. The sound of the I²S board is far better than on the 8KHz internal DAC though it requires more memory for higher quality sounds. I don’t want to add external memory even though it would be possible through the SPI interface for which I also reserved some solder eyes, just in case someone wants to use external memory. Don’t consider the circuit to be rock solid from the picture, it is an UNTESTED layout. I’ll provide the fritzing files as soon as this passed my tests and I got the first samples of it.

A nice feature of the D32 is the battery port, however the 3.7V will be probably too weak for the WLED, audio and for the IR. I am a total electronics idiot maybe it would be sufficient but I prefer a swappable battery pack like a power bank.

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