ATTAG – changing the address of an OLED display

In the requirements I mentioned a 128×32 pixel OLED in the optional stuff, if you are planning to use more than one display per blaster you will have to change the address of the 128×64 pixel OLED unless you get a 128×32 pixel OLED with changeable addresses.

This needs a bit more advanced soldering skills with SMD, which I never had to use before. However I succeeded with my first approach even though it looks pretty ugly. 😉

Remember this absolutely is NOT required for the functionality of the blasters, it is just a neat addon. But if you want to have it you should get a hot air soldering station, to remove the SMD resistor from its current place.

The resistor is a 4.7K, just in case you kill it during the process. You need to remove it from position R11 (address 0x3C) and solder it to position R12 (address 0x3D).

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