OSDYLS – Game master / Host / Server

Since the beginning of the project it was clear that there would be some sort of server, which controls the aspects of the game, like game mode, play time, respawns, ammo and so on. While I was working on the kiln control project I was looking for some tiny touchscreens around and came across these cheap small smart displays on aliexpress. [ link: ESP32-2432S024C ]

Smart Display
Smart Display

Instantly I thought these would be perfect for usage as an OSDYLS host. Though there is a slight drawback, the creators of these displays left very few GPIO pins for external sensors and mods.

However I got myself one of these displays and checked if the HC-12 radio module could be connected to it, and indeed it can. There is also a speaker connector, micro SD slot, WiFi and I think even BT functionality on the board. The vendor provides a pack of examples for it, but I suggest using the [ link: esp32-smartdisplay ] package from github made by [ link: rzeldent ].

You need to get used to visual studio and platformio for it, for a noob like me that was a bit of a challenge but it is quite worth the step. If you are more used to programming with arduino IDE you proably get the libs working there as well of course.

OSDYLS Battle Server

Currently the thing isn’t doing much, I was just creating a simple gui for the beginning using squareline studio, which comes in quite handy for that.

The next step is to create a handshake between players and host, so the server knows who is part of the game. It would automatically fire up the match once all players joined.

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