ATTAG – hurdles

Why are there always hurdles? While I was experimenting with the WiFi LR mode, I stumbled over the issue, that it doesn’t work in the current espressif 2.0.14 package. No idea why, so I put that aside for a moment in hope there will be a fix soon. If anyone knows a solution, I opened an issue on github about it. Might just be my fault somewhere with the example code I used. I don’t know, it works with 2.0.3 but that version isn’t really compatible with the server/display/LVGL anymore. And I don’t really want to build it upon old lib versions.


So meeeanwhile I’ll get back to the blaster stuff, I ordered a batch of new speakers, since those I planned before are not really available anymore. The current amplifier I used catches a lot of static and makes constant noises, so some sort of filter is required, that should be doable with a capacitor. The HW-104 module is a PAM 8403 stereo module which actually is more than required so I might turn this down to a PAM8302A mono module. But since they both are almost the same size/price the one with less noise will win.

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