alter Kram - old stuff

Combine, 640x480x16c EGA Game Combine Testversion

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, 640x480x16c EGA Game Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten Vollversion

Runaway, 320x200x256c Game Runaway (sound should work now)

Spiele die nie fertig wurden - games that never made it

Planet Patrol, 320x200x256c VGA Game, this was a sort of Voxelspace game.
We started this after we saw the Comanche Attackchopper game. PlanetPatrol early alpha "playable"

TwoMaze, 320x200x256c VGA Game, planned to be a remake of a classic.
Sadly the Coder died damn young so this never got finished, I just did the gfx. Two-Maze src included

Games with no more readable sources from our past: